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Industrial Gases And Cylinderss :

Gases & Gas Cylinders - We are offering these industrial gases and cylinders in an innovative range. The various gases, which can be used to fill up the cylinders, are:

a. Oxygen
b. Nitrogen
c. Argon
                                 d. Carbon Dioxide
                                 e. L P G
                                 f. Hydrogen fire gases other gases

These cylinders are used in varied industrial applications. Industrial Gases And Its Cylinders on Loan Basis /Outright sale with certificates. 




Special Gases :

a. Helium
b. Special Oxygen,Nitrogen, Argon , O air hydrogen
c. Mixture Gases
d. Laser Gases
e. Other Gases




Chemical Tools & Hardware :


Dry Ice :
We offer qualitative dry ice which is solid carbon dioxide. Dry ice sublimates, changing directly to a gas at atmospheric pressure. The low temperature and direct sublimation to a gas makes dry ice an effective coolant. Its sublimation and deposition point is -78.5 °C (-109.3 ° F). 


Cylinder Trolleys :
We are one of the leading Manufacturers of Cylinder Trolleys for the cumbersome big cylinders as well as small cylinders. These trolleys are specially designed in accordance to industrial quality standards and are used to hold & easily transport heavy compressed gas cylinders from one place to another. Equipped with large solid rubber tired wheels and castors, these ensure better mobility over both rough and even surfaces.


Welding Equipments :
Coming soon.....







Cryocan Tilting Trolley :
We are one of the leading manufacturer of Cryocan Tilting Trolley. These Cryocan Tilting Trolley can be availed from us in standard specification at competitive prices.



Dura Cylinders :
Dura cylinders are vaccum insulated liquid gas cylinders which allows storage of cryogenic gases like oxygen, argon, nitrogen, medical oxygen at a very low temperature ranging From -183deg c To -196 deg c.. 

Gas Regulators :
Our comprehensive range of gas regulators, have wider outlets pressure range that can be easily adjusted by rotating the knob of spring adjustable screw. These are procured from well reckoned vendors and thus are designed in confirmation to latest international quality standards. Available in various industry specific configurations, these can be availed at most competitive prices.

Glass Tube Rotameter :
Suitable for online installation with flanged or screw connection with several  options of materials for wetted parts.   

Low Flow Rotameter :
Our range of low flow rotameters are widely acknowledged for their accuracy, reliability and long service life. These rotameters are suitable for purging or low flow rate of air or liquid measurement. Available in different ranges, our range comes with various accessories such as DP regulator, panel mounting clamps and high & low flow alarms. 

Metal Tube Rotameter :
We have with us a range of metal tube rotameters, that are available in varied sizes and temperature ranges. These type of rotameters are suitable for metering of translucent and opaque fluids under high operating pressure and temperature. Sourced from well reputed manufacturers of industry, these are widely acknowledged for their dimensional preciseness, accurate results and compactness. 

Refrigerant Gas :
Refrigerant Gases.

Rota Meter and Flow Meter :
Rota Meter and Flow Meter 

Industrial Gases
Special Gases
Mixture Gases